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Payout Directly

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How This Works?

Q: How many Satoshi can i earn?
A: 20 Satoshi every click every 5 minutes = 1,000 Satoshi every hours.

Q: BTC Address not valid?
A: If when you try to login you see an error that says "Your BTC address is not valid", you can try to create a new address in your wallet and then login again, becouse you can have more then one BTC addresses in the same wallet.

Q: Roll Game how it works?
A: Easy Just click roll button and you have a chance to win min 0.00000100 BTC and max 0.01000000 every 1 Hour!

Q: Special Randomly Events
A: We offer a special random events during the week example "x2 event" give you x2 satoshi for every clicks, "Timer Event" show for 1 hour the timer at 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes on every Button!

Q: When and how i get Payout?
A: Payout delivery automatically every Monday, you have to reach 25,000 Satoshi for receive it.

Q: How Referrals System works?
A: Is easy just click on Refer button, here you can find your private referral link, just share it and every time one user join from your private link you earn the 20% of all incomes of your refer.

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